July 2011

The Taiwanese Landcape as Seen from High Speed Rail

Well, I’m off to Kaohsiung and Tainan yet again via Taiwan’s wonderful high speed rail! If you’ve ever wanted to see what the Taiwanese country side looks like,…

Danshui Love 我愛淡水!

Did I mention I love Danshui? Only in the summer though as it’s a bit damp and rainy in the winter. Here’s some pictures from the glorious, beautiful…


Dinner! 雞肉飯,蛋花湯! Chicken rice and egg drop soup!

The view of the Fu Long beach from the bridge leading to the sand bar.

The Nicest Soft, Sand Beach in Taiwan (aka Fulong Beach 福隆海邊)

I’m off to the beach with my new friends, the twins, Johnny and Daniel! Being around twins is an interesting experience, and I find myself constantly trying to…