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The view of the Fu Long beach from the bridge leading to the sand bar.

The Nicest Soft, Sand Beach in Taiwan (aka Fulong Beach 福隆海邊)

I’m off to the beach with my new friends, the twins, Johnny and Daniel! Being around twins is an interesting experience, and I find myself constantly trying to…

Char Kway Teow at Borneo Restaurant in Taipei

Shida Night Market has a Malaysian Restaurant!

I just ‘discovered’ a Malaysian restaurant in the Shida nightmarket! So exciting! They have all the usual food you’d expect to find in Malaysia or Singapore! I think…

Does the food not just look delicious!?

Taiwan in Summer & the Modern Toilet… (Restaurant)

Bahahaha, no Taiwan in summer is not like a toilet, regardless of all the stinky tofu smell in the air. I’m referring of course to the Modern Toilet…

Inside Shida’s Mandarin Training Center

Just took this picture of the main atrium at Shida’s Mandarin Training Center (MTC). Such an interesting place!

Pinglin (坪林) township in Taipei County

What’s this Pinglin (坪林) place everybody is talking about?

Okay, so maybe everybody isn’t talking about Pinglin, but that’s no reason not to check it out. So what’s at Pinglin? The Pinglin tea museum The nicest Family…


What’s for dinner tonight in Taiwan?

Chicken strips on rice with veggies (小雞排飯)! For anyone curious what Taiwanese food looks like or what the average Taiwanese restaurant looks like at dinnertime, here’s a few…

Kaohsiung from Cihou Fort

Top 5 Must See Places in Kaohsiung (高雄)

Semester break is upon us which means we have a week to ourselves before classes resume.  Classes ended on Wednesday, so on Thursday morning I bought a ticket…

First Attempt at Painting a Pretty Landscape in Photoshop

First Attempt at Painting!

I’ve had a craving to paint the past few days – landscapes in particular. Perhaps it’s my subconscious reaching for a creative outlet. I don’t have artistic cravings…


JiuFen (九份): The Pretty One-Lane Village on the Mountain

After a day of taking buses and trains around northern Taiwan, I’m a bit tired, so this is going to be a really quick post. All About JiuFen…


Xiaobitan (小碧潭) Does Indeed Have Coffee Shops!

In my never-ending quest to pay exorbitant prices for a cup of tea (Taipei coffee shops all seem to charge around $6CAD for a cup of tea), I…