Sometimes I get the feeling I’m dabbling in too many things at once. But then I remember how bored I get focusing on only one or two things and then that silly feeling goes away.

For my own benefit as much as for anyone that’s curious, here’s the list:

  1. Web Application Development with Yii (PHP Framework – lots out there to choose from but Yii seems to have particularly good reviews.)
  2. JQuery (because it’s about time)
  3. Drawing (landscapes in particular because I think they’re pretty)
  4. Mandarin (ongoing, but I’m pretty happy with progress this past year)
  5. Taiwanese (because Mandarin alone seems too easy now)
  6. Calculus (because I skipped and then subsequently failed this class in my first year of University but also because I’d like to study physics and amazing math skills would seem to be a requirement for that)
  7. String theory (based on a couple “String Theory for Dummies” books I’ve read, I’d guess I’m about two lifetimes away from understanding this)
  8. Backlinking (because onsite SEO alone doesn’t go very far)
  9. Passive income strategies (because money you don’t have to actively work for is the best kind)
  10. Creative thinking techniques (because creative problem solving ability can mean the difference between working at McDonalds and owning your own billion dollar empire)
  11. Copywriting (because I’d like to know this better)
  12. Outsourcing (because monetary success requries working through others)

Soon to follow: my goals for 2012!